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Hirewell’s tips for a great HR resume:

Consider these tips to help your resume stand apart from the competition:

Have very specific success stories for the position requirements. Make sure to include the specific titles, departments, types of training, types of leadership and types of employees to your resume.

For every new position, the first bullet point should be the "theses sentence". Include who you reported to, the team and your core role function. Describe the employee population and the business partners you supported. Then, go into the contributions and accomplishments after showcasing each skill in context with examples.

In the Summary, include descriptions of the following:

  • The industry and company size experience
  • Employee population & departments
  • Titles of business partners & subordinates
  • Your core skills and potential titles. Start the paragraph with the desired title
  • Location - Global responsibility, multi-state, region, single location or remote
  • Biggest project you led and your biggest accomplishment, including the money saved

Consider these additional HR tips to expand your resume skill set. Add the:

  • Who - Titles of employee population/divisional dept. supported: Finance, IT, Plant, Business Partners, etc.
  • What - Core HR skills: Recruiting: IT employees, etc. Training: execs/ benefits: FMLA, negotiation, etc.
  • Where - Specific locations: Multi-locations, over 20 states, global, Canada, Asia, Europe, etc.
  • When - Any yearly projects? Did you make an impact in any 3-month cycle?
  • Why - Anything strategic? Show the metrics and results of your impact.
  • How - How did you accomplished the targets? Quantify the money or employee population.

Additionally, stay away from words that are general like various, numerous, consultant, manger, professional, etc. Avoid using the word "I" and the phrases "responsible for" and "references will be furnished". Also, try and start each sentence with, "led, created, negotiated, managed", etc., so they know what your contribution was, especially on team projects.

You can also find some good ideas in our blog on the two improvements you can make to dramatically improve your IT resume.

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