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Hirewell’s tips for effective interview preparation

Preparing for an interview can seem like a daunting task. Keep it simple with this advice from Hirewell’s interview experts:

Know the Company Research the company's website and be able to speak about 3-5 facts. Know the products, services and company history.

Know the Role Review the job description and relate your resume to it. What excites you about this opportunity? Line up your experience accordingly.

Know Yourself Including 3-5 facts about your previous/current company, 3-5 most applicable career accomplishments and the reasons for leaving/interviewing.

Know How to Interview Look professional, stay positive and ask intelligent questions. Turn all negatives with previous employers into positives. Prepare questions ahead of time and ask all your interviewers one. Avoid salary negotiation - be honest with your salary, but avoid asking for a specific number. Maintain effective eye contact throughout the interview.

Phone interview? Check out our tips for preparing for the phone interview

For further interview tips, check out our advice on prepping for a behavioral interview (including sample questions),  how to approach compensation conversations during the interview process and  selecting and executing references.

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