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3 tips for negotiating salary from Hirewell's partner and co-founder Matt Massucci.

When negotiating salary, companies take several factors into consideration:

  • current compensation
  • your skills and experience
  • how your skills and experience line up with the existing team
  • how your skills line up with the overall market (other offers you've received)


Be honest and open about your salary history from the start. More often than not it comes up through employment verification and other aspects of the interview process. If you’re not being truthful it’s going to harm your chances at getting the job. Check out these additional tips on how to approach the compensation conversation during the interview process. 

Be Realistic

You should be open and realistic. Money is always a factor when making a job change, but if you’re just chasing money than you might end up somewhere that is not a great place to work. That is: a place that has a hard time keeping people due to culture, work-life balance or other factors that may be important to you.

Prove Your Worth

It’s all about leveraging and building a case. If you are striving for a job or compensation that might be a stretch, you need to prove why you’re worth it. Be thoughtful and be able to articulate why you’re worth what you think you are. If it is too much to overcome in the interview, consider asking for a three or six month review to prove yourself.

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