UI Developer
$0.00 | Chicago, IL
UI Developer
Strong HTML, CSS, Javascript.  Mid-Sr. Level experience.  Experience with Python and Django is a plus, but not required.

Are you interested in joining the rapidly expanding Healthcare Industry?  We are a progressive Healthcare software firm located in Chicago and we are expanding our Front End Development team.  We are looking at Mid-Sr. Level UI Developers with experience building consumer-facing web applications.  We are a bright and talented technology team that welcome a challenge.  We utilize a variety of technologies based around Python and Django.  We use a mix of nginx, tornado, memcached, and MySQL. We functional test our sites using Selenium and we unittest our code. We always use open source solutions when possible.  Javascript will be important in this role.

How we work

  • We cultivate a data-driven, results-driven, no bullshit culture that moves fast to deliver value to our patients as quickly as we can.
  • We collaborate closely with business owners, internal clients, and designers.
  • We use TDD practices with a focus on automation, dashboards, and continuous integration.
  • We operate at every level of the stack, from Javascript and CSS to models and SQL.
  • We focus on metrics for the system and the code, making sure we are always improving the old while delivering the new.
  • We have regular, frequent deployments of new code to our production environments.
  • We support and maintain our code in production. We are the front line support system.
  • We play, we research, and we experiment to find the best tools for the job. We don't innovate for the sake of innovating, but we don't shy away from novel approaches.
  • We improve the code, the process, the company, and ourselves.

We are looking for developers at all experience levels who have

  • Built and maintained customer facing web applications.
  • Thrived in agile environments.
  • Experience with the tools we use like tornado, fabric, nginx, RabbitMQ, Selenium, and memcached.
  • Collaborated closely with clients, product owners, and other non-technical folks.
  • A desire to work in a results-driven meritocracy.
  • The willingness to debate with peers who are as talented and intelligent as you.
  • A quality mindset, and a test-driven development habit.
  • A demonstrated passion for advancing their own skills and knowledge.  

We are a start-up with some great benefits: besides a great working environment and a great team, you’ll have access to an array of insurance benefits, a 401(k) plan, catered lunches everyday, and we’ll get you whatever hardware and software you need to do amazing things.

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